Dan Silvert Session Clips:


Forget the Polls: How We Really Decide Who Gets to Be President

You will never look at people quite the same way again.

- Marshall Goldsmith

Team Effectiveness Workshop

Each team member brings perspectives, predispositions and habits that are natural to themselves but may cause friction with others, particularly when under pressure and stress.

The four birds will reveal how the strengths and blind spots of your team are likely to play out, and what you can do to improve the group’s communication and productivity. You will see yourself in a whole new context of collaborating with others.

“I just wanted to tell you that we’ve become the Team globally that others aspire to be and you deserve some of the credit here! Not only did the DISC work play a big part in bringing the team together but so did your Silos program. I would highly recommend this to any team with remote associates. Many thanks!”
– Mark, W.L. Gore

“Engaging their team is more like a partnership with a deep sense that the partners are truly dedicated to your organization and an extension of your team.”  – Robert Walpole, President CHW, Inc.

Leadership/Management Training

Self-Awareness teaches leaders how their own behavioral style impacts those who report to them. Are you flexing to the right style with the right person?

Leaders will discover motivational and influencing strategies that connect with others based upon their style combination. This magnifies a leader’s ability to win “buy in” at every level.

Managers will discover tools tailored to motivate each style, strategies for candid conversations that strengthen relationships, and understanding how over-applying the golden rule can cause more harm than good. A manager’s ability at adapt to the right style at the right time is an essential skill for enabling the team to accomplish their objectives.

“As a follow up to our leadership team building session I ordered your book for everyone.  Thank you again for your insight as we really gained so much personally and professionally from your training.” – Melinda, L’Oreal

“Thank you again for the excellent work you did for us on last week’s leadership session. Your overall approval rating was 96%…wow, that is an outstanding score.  Thank you again for your dedication and enthusiasm.” – Anne, Energy conglomerate

Sales Training

A sales professional’s behavioral style combination plays a significant role in their approach.

Eagles in sales, for example, tend to prioritize action, momentum, and relentless progress towards the close. But what if the prospect is an Owl? Their focus is upon quality, dependability, and rigor. Will the Eagle slow down the pace, dig into the details, and patiently answer every question? Armed with self-awareness and the skills to read the styles of others, sales professionals will discover easy to apply, yet critical skills that strengthen relationships from the first conversation.

“I just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing session yesterday. Without a doubt, it made a big impression on our group. Everyone has said that it will make a significant difference in how we work together.”  – Susanna, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

“I can’t thank you enough for sharing this training with our participants. When you gave this talk at the Tri-State event I knew that I wanted teams to experience it at Trane. Well, the feedback from our leadership team was overwhelmingly positive and they would like to expand this knowledge to other parts of the organization. Your presentation has left a strong impression here. Thank you!”  – Theresa, Ingersoll Rand

Keynote Address

What if you held in your hand the how-to manual for working with your manager and co-workers?

Imagine if this unique guide contained a code that could predict how people will behave in a wide range of situations…
including how they will react to you?

What if this understanding not only demystified why people say and do the things they do,
but also revealed how you can thrive in just about any work environment?

Based on Mr. Silvert’s book, Taking Flight!: Master the DISC Styles to Transform Your Career, Your Relationships…Your Life, translated in 9 languages, this talk teaches people about themselves and their colleagues through four colorful characters: the Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl. Participants will discover their own behavioral style and appreciate their colleagues, friends, and family in a whole new light.


Dan Silvert will share entertaining stories, tips, and strategies that illustrate the power of self awareness to improve relationships in every sphere of your life. Through Eagles, Parrots, Owls, and Doves, participants will recognize themselves, appreciate their co-workers in a whole new light, and share in a good laugh.

If you manage others, this talk will reveal tools for identifying the hidden strengths of your employees and how to best motivate them based upon their style combination.

If you are part of a team, the four birds will reveal how the collective strengths and blind-spots of the group are likely to play out, and what you can do to improve communication and productivity.

If you are a leader, how do your people react the moment you walk into the room? Understanding this dynamic uncovers sophisticated approaches for better connecting with and inspiring those you lead.

Key learning’s include:

· Take a brief one page profile (Optional)

· Birdwatching: Learn how to read people’s styles quickly and accurately

· Discover four powerful ways to influence others by understanding their style

· Understand how overusing our strengths creates weakness

· How the Golden Rule can cause more harm than good

· Learn to harness the hidden genius of each style for yourself and others

“I am pleased to inform you that your DISC presentation was the highest rated session ever in NHIA conference history. I am very appreciative of your time and knew your talents would be well received. Thank you for a wonderful presentation.” – Kelly, Home Solutions